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Infertility is a problem of a global nature, and it continues to deteriorate. Since 1970s, a series of research works have been carried out to determine the influence of supplementation on the improvement of semen quality in infertile men.

These works led to the conclusion that supplementation in infertility seems to be an inseparable factor on the way to achieve pregnancy.
Supramen® contains ingredients that have been most thoroughly tested in terms of their potential to improve semen quality when combined with myo-inositol.

High antioxidative potential of Supramen®

Oxidative stress and the consequent high level of free radicals cause damage to sperm cells as well as disrupt their production and motility. Supramen® contains one of the most potent antioxidants – the natural lycopene, which contributes to better sperm motility and vitality as well as a greater number of spermatozoa.

A significant double source of carnitine

Supramen® contains two forms of carnitine (L-carnitine and N-acetyl L-carnitine), thus positively affecting the stabilisation of the plasmatic membrane, proper structure and motility of spermatozoa.

A significant role of myo-inositol in spermatogenesis

Supramen® is the only product with myo-inositol – a polyalcohol that supports the maintenance of proper hormonal balance as well as sugar and fat metabolism in the body. In clinical trials, myo-inositol supplementation has been reported not only to improve the hormonal profile but also to increase the total number of spermatozoa, semen density and progressive motion.

The impact of myo-inositol supplementation on the hormonal balance and improvement of semen quality in men with idiopathic infertility.

The active form of folic acid